Hi there Cello Students. (and parents!)




I hope you’re excited to participate in our next virtual cello project, the traditional Irish folk song – LONDONDERRY AIR.

It’s a really pretty arrangement of this famous Irish song for 3 cello parts.


Here's what you need: 

  1. A sub-folder containing the sheet music – please print the part that you’ll play​​



  1. A sub-folder containing practice/recording tracks for each of the 3 parts  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1av8hYpQ__T5CZZc7u2eHsrlc4P_S8L92?usp=sharing

  1. An instructional video from me explaining how to use the tracks for practice and then recording (in case you haven’t done this before) and how to frame your camera set up.


  1. A “who plays what part” document.​​



Each part is equally important. I’m happy you’re all strong players who will bring out the counter melodies of each of the different parts.  The melody (cello 1) includes an A (on octave up from open A – the A harmonic) and so I’ve assigned Andrew and Jennifer to that part since I know you guys can play that more easily and feel confident in the higher parts of the instrument.

Both Cello 2 and 3 are both in 1st position only, and because the piece is in F Major, it contains B-flats, so that means 2nd finger 1st position on the G string, and 1st finger backward extension on the A string, as and when those notes occur. 

Counting is also very important in this pieces as the different parts all intertwine.

You’ll hear a click on the audio track – each click represents the quarter note beat… We’re in 4/4 which you all know is 4 quarter notes (crotchets, Helena) per measure / bar so it’s important we stay steady to that beat.

For a little extra help, I've created some tutorial video for each of the parts.











Our deadline is March 15th, so you have 6 weeks to work on this, which we can do in our lessons, so that we can play our part confidently and musically so that when we video ourselves we can enjoy playing.  This is a great exercise in listening and counting…. Which is great for us all to practice.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kendrick, I’ve included you on this in the hopes that given your background in upright bass, you can participate, but I certainly don’t want you to feel too stressed about it.  Helena is joining us from the UK also, which is exciting, as well as Abby from Minnesota. We’re so fancy!


Here's a link to a video of a professional cellist friend of mine.  He’s playing all 3 parts.  You need to enter the password to be able to watch this video, but I hope it gives you an idea of how beautiful this will sound once all the parts are submitted and edited. (please note, he is playing in various positions – part 1 is completely playable in 1st and 4th + harmonic A, and parts 2 and 3 are completely playable in 1st position only – so don’t be too scared when you see him moving around!) Do check out his awesome hand position and relaxed bow hold!



password: dannyboy


Do watch the instructional video too.  It’s about 5 minutes or so, but you will find it helpful.

Once you have video’d your recording then you can submit it to me…. 





  IF YOU CAN RENAME YOUR FILE, that saves me a step.


(This link expires every 3 days.  Please email me if it is not working.)

Thank you cellists.  It’s always fabulous to work on projects with you and to come together in music even though we can’t be together in person playing in music ensembles.


Love to all…. GOOD LUCK and see you in your lessons




PS I’ve cc’d in parents too in case you aren’t frequent checkers of email and so they can help with recording your submission should you need help. 

PPS Once the video is complete, it will be uploaded to my vimeo account, it will be password protected and will also be set so that it cannot be shared, downloaded or embedded, since many participants are minors.  I’d love for the video to be played (using screenshare) at our next virtual recital on March 25th, however.  Can you please let me know if you’re all OK with that.


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