Private Sessions & Rates

Private individual sessions can be booked.  Session can be either 1 hour or 30 minutes long. To maximize your time, it is advised that you complete a gentle vocal and physical warm up before arriving.  Cello students are advised to arrive early and unpack their instrument outside to maximize the lesson time.

For rates as of September 1, 2020 please contact vanessa@vanessadinning.com


Cash or Personal Checks in USD

Venmo: @Vanessa-Dinning (preferred/no fee)

GooglePay: 619-246-8735 (preferred/no fee)

ChasePay: 619-246-8735 (preferred/no fee)

PayPal: vanessa@vanessadinning.com (clickable from invoice, subject to a 1.5% fee)

Cash or Check in USD (not available for virtual lessons)


Monthly Bundles: Payment is due before or on the 1st of every month.  

Individual Lessons: Payment is due either before or at the lesson

There are no concessions made for late payment or forgotten payment.  If payment is not made at the requested time, then the lesson(s) will be cancelled but must still be paid for and your scheduled slot may be lost.

Policies & Information


In response to the coronavirus global pandemic, and with the safety & health of students and their families in mind, ALL lessons are currently being taught virtually. Lessons will be taught virtually until 12/31/20. We will review the situation at that time.

Option 1: The Monthly Bundle

Monthly bundles offer a reduction in the overall price of lessons and include 4 lessons per month, (usually) the first 4 weeks of each month.  Students can opt for 4 x 30 minute lessons, good for beginners or younger students (Under 12) or 4 x 60 minutes, for those who are more advanced and working toward auditions, competitions, performances, college entry etc.

For Cello students, there's an additional option for a bundle of 4 x 45 minutes 

Lessons for students with bundles are scheduled on the same day and at the same time each week.

Option 2: Individual

Students who do not wish to commit to the monthly bundle may opt for individual lessons. It is preferable for individual students to try to schedule lessons on the same day and at the same time this week, but not necessary.  There's more flexibility.  It is advised that individual-lesson students schedule and confirm their lessons as far in advance as possible, as slots are not held for those who do not.


If a student has to miss a lesson (bundle or individual) then notice must be given no later than 6pm on the day prior to the scheduled lesson.  If notice is not given in time, then the lesson must be paid for.  When suffcient notice is given, then a bundle student may schedule a make-up lesson.  Bundle students may have up to three make-up lessons each academic year (Sept-June).

Students with bundles have the option to schedule a make-up lesson on specific dates set aside for make-ups, see dates below.  The make-up lesson does not have to be scheduled in the same month has the missed lesson.  For example, is a student missed a lesson in September, then can schedule their make-up on one of the available October dates. Make-up lessons are only scheduled when enough advance notice is given of a missed lesson.

Students who take individual lessons (not bundles) may schedule a regular lesson on a make-up day if this is one of the regular lesson days and they do not wish to skip a week.  You can either schedule this time online using the jotform link below or email me at vanessa@vanessadinning.com  

If a student cannot make any of the make up times available but would still like a make-up lesson or an extra lesson, please email me at vanessa@vanessadinning.com

Because my teaching schedule is so tightly booked, I cannot schedule make up lessons on days other than those listed below.  In an emergency, please contact me and if I am able to offer an alternative I will do my best. 


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Monday, November 30, 2020

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Specific Lesson Times on Make-Up Days will be organized with Vanessa.




If students are sick, please give as much notice as possible.  Make-up lessons can be scheduled in these instances.  Sickness includes colds, coughs, runny noses and sniffles. It is important that sick students take the time to heal and look after themselves and if I become sick because I spend time with a sick student, then this affects everyone and lessons have to be missed or re-scheduled.  Let’s do our best to stay healthy.  Stay hydrated, ensure immune boosting diet and/or supplements are taken (vitamins C & D + zinc recommended) and hands are washed before attending each lesson. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you!


Please note that the studio will be closed on the following dates:

Thursday, August 27,2020 thru Tuesday, September 2, 2020 (inclusive) (bundles will be pro-rated as appropriate)

Friday, October 9, 2020 (5th Friday)

as well as for the Holidays:

Thursday, November 26, 2020 thru Sunday, November 29, 2020 for the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY (bundles will be pro-rated as appropriate)

Monday, December 21, 2020 thru Saturday, January 2, 2021, reopening Sunday, January3, 2021 for Holidays (bundles will be pro-rated as appropriate)

Monday, March 8 and Tuesday March 9 (monthly bundles are not affected, students still get 4 lessons)

Friday, April 30 (monthly bundles are not affected, students still get 4 lessons)

Sunday, May 2 and Friday, May 31 (Memorial Day) (monthly bundles are not affected, students still get 4 lessons)


Students should bring their music folders and notebooks to class each week.  


Students are required to practice at home between lessons.  Progress is faster and improvements are made when practice is consistent.  Daily practice is best.  Younger students (10 and under) should practice between 5-10 minutes each day.  Students age 10+ should practice a minimum of 15 minutes daily.  Students 14+ should practice a minimum of 30 minutes daily.  More is always encouraged, as long as practice is focused and effective.  We set practice goals each week in our lessons and note these in student notebooks.


Please endeavor to arrive on time for your lesson.  If a student is late, then the late time is forfeited off the length of the class, as another student is likely to be scheduled immediately afterward and so "going over" is rarely an option.  

Voice, Singing and Dialect students are encouraged to bring water bottles for lessons.  Small water bottles are also provided.

For students 5 and under, parents are invited to attend the lessons, but asked to observe rather than participate unless asked.  For students 6+, it is preferred that parents do not attend class, but may request to do so for a specific reason (i.e. a visiting grandparent or if the student is upset or feeling off and needs parental support).


Please provide 30 days notice if you wish to discontinue lessons. Refunds are only given if 30 days notice is provided. 


The studio is currently at capacity. Availability sometimes becomes available at the lat minute if a student cancels, or earlier in the day, if schedule allows. If you wish to join the waiting list or to receive alerts for a "last minute" appointment, please contact Vanessa via email at vanessa@vanessadinning.com