La Jolla Music, 7423 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA  92037 
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Photo Credits:

Weston Bennett

Andrew Rodgers

Pete Shaner

Bianca Lundein Kennedy

Ken Jacques

Daren Scott

Aaron Rumley

Adriana Zuniga Williams

"She is that rare form of artist that gets the whole picture. She is both a visionary and truth-finder."

-Rob Lutfy, Associate Artistic Director,

Cygnet Theatre

"Her extensive musical knowledge makes her extremely valuable; Vanessa understands language and she also understands the subtle modifications necessary to make musical sense of dialect, diction and expression."

-Elan McMahan, Musical Director,

Moonlight Stage Productions

"She made it easy, fun and also helped me as a singer listen to the dialect like a musician would listen to music. Helping hear things I hadn't before. If you are on the fence about where to go for a dialect coach, run, don't walk. She's truly the best."

-T.J. Dawson, Actor & Producer,

3-D Theatricals